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#This is a hardcore copsplay because it would imply Mystique killed you and took your con pass

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Cosplay Tutorial: Stretch Boot Cover ( via @ NyuNyu Cosplay )

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My finished Captain Eo costume

My friend Bryan made a Captain Eo costume years back out of a white jacket and tic-tac boxes that he painted with Sharpie.  It was easily recognizable as Captain Eo, but he always wanted an upgraded one.  Several years back, there was a full scale picture of Captain Eo at Disneyland where I got a good look at the costume.  Bryan once more lamented about how much he wanted a better, accurate costume, and I for some reason blurted out “I could totally make that.” 

Shortly after, I began the mockup of the jacket.  Using the only pattern that was ever used on this jacket (Simplicity Suedesays pattern 1947), I whipped out a rough version of the jacket.  It was insane; there was so much topstitching, odd seams, and just randomness.  However, it also sparked a fever inside my brain that kept telling me “if you can make this, it will look AMAZING.” 

Bryan and I scoured the LA Fabric District in September of 2013 for a white poly-cotton blend that had just the right amount of sheen without being too heavy.  I then got distracted with sewing my niece’s Halloween costume and work got crazy, so sewing the costume didn’t actually start until late April/early May of this year.  The costume was finished the Saturday before Comic-Con. 

I was terrified that Bryan was going to roast; this costume is HOT. 

The jacket has 3 layers: the poly-cotton outer layer, a layer of muslin to support all the top-stitching, and a light cotton lining. 

(ALL the topstitching!)

(Look at all that detailing that no one took photos of!  :-( )

The pants are worse: 

The bottom layer is a pair of Nike golf pants, then there are 3-5 layers of the poly/cotton, batting, and cording.  Not to mention over 200 metal rivets and studs.  (and a murse.  I had to make him a murse). 

I can’t take all the credit on this:  Bryan and his friend Mal did all of the resin/acrylic and light work: all of the light boxes, shoulder rods, and all the pieces on the belt.  He was an absolute trooper and had to make 3 trips all the way day to San Diego (as he lives 3 hours away) for fittings and costume piece pickups and deliveries. 

Even these photos (including the higher rez version of that photo) don’t show the insane amount of detail on this costume. 

The costume was a HUGE success at the Con (which I’m flattered about), but I’ve already gotten bombarded by people asking me to make one.  This unfortunately was a one-time-only vanity project for my best friend, I’m sorry to say.  We set out to make the insane costume and we did it.  :-D  :-D 

My crazy-awesome friend Rachel, everyone.


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Hi ! Here are some close ups of our Sailor Moon fanart <3 !

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Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

:/ so Superman gets an updated version of his original costume but wonder woman gets some sexualised leather get up?! OK can Superman Vs Batman get any lamer? Maybe I’m on my own here but I really don’t like this outfit at all.

DC really need to step it up if they are gonna compete with Marvel Cinematic tbh.

I have to agree. The model(actress?) looks amazing but DC need to step up their game. I mean I’m pretty sure Marvel is currently top dog in the movie department. I’m not sure about the comics because I don’t follow them.

But seriously DC… You can not overly sexualize a woman and still have fans… Look at black widow, Maria hill, Melinda may.

They don’t run around in skimpy little things.

I don’t read anything from DC tbh I looked but there aren’t many female lead titles in there that I could see. Marvel have Black Widow, Elektra, Storm, Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel and She-Hulk this year alone not to mention a plethora of strong and interesting female characters in other books.

They really take their female audience seriously and are trying to tackle the issue of representation across the board but DC leave a lot to be desired. The best comic book producer next to Marvel has to be Image comics at the moment.

I just…she looks like she stepped out of a BDSM movie. Given the fact that they refuse to make a Wonder Woman movie because they feel people wouldn’t get it? You had a fricking TV show for gods sake so why the hell can’t you make a movie?! Worst excuse ever by the way, they’ve now seemingly reduced her to a side character and turned her into an object for fan boys to drool over. Not cool DC :/

I wouldn’t have much problem with it if they would at least give her some straps.

I’m a martial artist and fighting in a strapless top??? Yeah, no.

I’m guessing none of you have ever even SEEN Wonder Woman because

This is nothing compared to the wonder woman visuals we’ve been getting since she was introduced decades ago.

The costume is true to the character. The leather and metal? Considering she’s a character inspired by Greek Mythology, of course her outfit will reflect that. Her skirt is called a fustanella. MALE Greek soldiers wore that. 

All I’m seeing here is “I don’t like Wonder Woman’s costume because it’s true to her classic design AND her Greek heritage!”

Sexualised in the way that Christian Bale is a sexualised version of Adam West?

Are you people honestly trying to tell me that Marvel movies don’t females sexualize their female characters?

Emma Frost

Black Widow

like are you for real

How in earth is a leather catsuit more sexual than what Wonder Woman is wearing?

An argument can be made that Diana’s skirt is too short to be practical to fight in sure, but other than that are you serious?!

Do you want to know what traditional Ancient Greek armor looked like?

(images gotten from a quick google search)

Wonder Woman’s costume is literally the baby of the traditional Wonder Woman costume and Ancient Greek armour.

Leather does not equal sexualization. You think that it does? Go yell at the creative team of that new Batgirl design that everyone loves so much, in which the top is clearly marked to be leather.

First her body type, now her costume. For a group of people who want Diana in a movie so badly, you all seem terribly quick to rip it all apart.

Okay, now that we’re past that bullshit can we get to the real issue at hand, WEDGE HEELS?

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The most spot on cosplay of Tom baker as the Doctor ever!!! 

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Here is my nearly completed ren faire outfit. I fucked up the bodice but don’t know if I’ll have the free time to fix it and the shirt is just a stand in for one I need to make in white!

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Big Finish’s 15th Anniversary of Doctor Who releases - Day 2! - News - Big Finish


$1 Audios? Hell yes!

Audios on sale:

  • Land of the Dead (5th Doctor)
  • The Apocalypse Element (6th Doctor)
  • The Holy Terror (6th Doctor)
  • Dust Breeding (7th Doctor)
  • Spare Parts (5th Doctor)
  • Jubilee (6th Doctor)

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"The Master", #2 and #4 (anonymous suggestions)

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