Apr 16,2014
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Did you know that I can do the splits now?

Apr 16,2014
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Baby albino turtle

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Apr 14,2014
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Apr 14,2014
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the eyepatch makes a return

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Apr 14,2014
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We noticed that we’re getting real close to 20k Tumblr followers, so we’re giving away season one of Orphan Black to a lucky member of our lovely Tumblr community, and you could win it. Here’s how!

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Apr 13,2014
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“You’re never done Space Jamming.”
— The GM, after being asked if the trained flies were finished with their rendition of the theme to “Space Jam” (via outofcontextdnd)
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Apr 11,2014
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if this scene isn’t in The Winter Soldier I will protest

Yeah, it’s definitely in there.

Did I just get Winter Soldier spoiled for me?

Confirmed, there is a  20-minute shield-eating scene, not to be confused with the 20-minute S.H.I.E.L.D. eating scene

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Apr 9,2014
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I am willing to learn to walk in heels if it means I get those boots. 

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Apr 9,2014
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Coplaying Fionna from Adventure Time. I made the hat (crocheted), the backpack, clip in bangs, and sword. What time is it?!

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Apr 9,2014
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Dressed up as the 11th Doctor. These daleks looked amazing and there was many different versions and variations. I love Matt Smith and he is a big idol to me in both fashion and his character he portrays!

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Apr 9,2014
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I do not feel ashamed

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Apr 7,2014
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Melfina made/worn by Hopie
Jim made by Hopie, worn by Hee-Hee
Gene made/worn by Score
Photos by Mineralblu and josephchilin

More on our Facebook page!

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Apr 7,2014
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Queen Medusa by jj-dreamworldz

(also answered some questions about the wig in the description — click photo to read)


(She and her best friend cosplayed friends all weekend — Sue Storm was right next to Medusa and they were wonderful together.) 

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Apr 6,2014
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Apr 6,2014
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Feels so wrong gimme back my quads