Oct 20,2014
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the rise and fall

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Oct 19,2014
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Twelve’s happy dance.

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Oct 19,2014
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quite obviously the best reaction to the TARDIS ever

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Oct 19,2014
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Oct 19,2014
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“I’m the Doctor”

Clara Oswald

Oct 17,2014
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literally dyeing

Oct 17,2014
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upd8 cosplay uwu

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Oct 17,2014
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Revolutionary Girl Utena
art by Chiho Saito exclusively for Animerica Extra Vol 4 #11 
(Edited by me, original here)

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Oct 16,2014
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woah, somebody made me a shirt

Oct 15,2014
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Photo by Greg Larro photography

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Oct 15,2014
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Saturn | Pluto | Neptune | Uranus | Photographer

Last winter’s labour of love was completing the other three Super Outers so we’d have a group to go with the Saturn I’d already made for Sperren. I was really happy we got to wear these together on the Sunday of Con-G, and I really want to wear them again on a day where we didn’t get up at 7am to watch a hockey game.

All four costumes made by me. Want one yourself? Check out my commission details!

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Oct 15,2014
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Our Big Alice and Death cosplays at NY Comic Con 2014! Had so much fun as these guys, and couldn’t have been more thrilled to meet Kelly Sue :) For our first time at Comic Con we had a blast, and can’t wait for next year!

These two KILLED me.

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Oct 14,2014
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Oct 13,2014
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Evening In Space - Daphne Guinness / David LaChapelle / Tony Visconti

Oct 13,2014
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lmao kanye’s new haircut look like those panels in rocket hideout that change your direction when you step on them

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